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The Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) began its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) effort with the intent to create a viable economic development plan that would provide a roadmap for sustainable economic growth. Once the EDA approves the CRC CEDS, the heartland region will be eligible to receive funding from EDA programs for various projects, such as economic adjustment, planning, trade adjustment assistance, public works, and technical assistance. In addition, the CEDS process will lead to establishing an Economic Development District (EDD) designation for the CRC. EDDs are multi-jurisdictional entities that help lead locally based, regionally driven economic development planning, incorporating the involvement of the public, private, and non-profit sectors to establish a strategic roadmap for regional collaboration.

The CEDS Process

A successful economic strategy for the region is only possible with the earnest input of the public, business owners, local governments, and community groups, all working together toward shared goals.

October 2017

EDA Award to CRC Region

November 2018

Goals & Strategies Developed

April 2018

CEDS Committee Created & Orientation Meeting

February 2019

Plan Drafted

July 2018

Plan Kickoff Meetings & SWOT Analysis

March 2019

Public Review & Input

September 2018

Regional Economic Conditions Analysis & Stakeholder Interviews

April 2019

Adoption of CEDS

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